Mitsubishi Fuso, Canter van

The Canter VAN is an under-seat engine type small size commercial vehicle (van) which Mitsubishi Fuso truck bus sells in the Middle East region or a microbus.
Based on a strategic collaborative relationship with Renault, Nissan Arai Ann's and Daimler AG which I announced in 2010, the Mitsubishi Fuso truck bus concludes Nissan Motor and the OEM contract about the commercial van for foreign countries on October 3, 2014. I will in this way start export as "Mitsubishi Fuso kiang turban" in the Middle Eastern market by Nissan, NV350 caravan (overseas name, NV350 Urban) by the end of 2014. Because both companies have already performed mutual OEM as NT450 Atlas by a Canter as Canter gut from Mitsubishi Fuso in atlas F24 from Nissan, it is the tie-up second.
I perform a lineup of van and two kinds of the microbus.
A van:
Standard three roofs-passenger, 2.5L gasoline (QR25DE) 4/5 door 5MT/5AT, person from 2.5L diesel (YD25DDTi) 5 door 5MT standard roof 3/6-passenger, three 2.5L gasoline 5 door 5MT/5AT high roofs-passenger, three 2.5L gasoline 5 door 5MT high roofs-passenger, 2.5L gasoline four-door 5MT/5AT microbus:
Standard 15 roofs-passenger, 2.5L gasoline four-door 5MT/5AT, 15 2.5L diesel four-door 5MT high roofs-passenger, 2.5L gasoline four-door 5MT/5AT.