Comparison between Hiace and Caravan

The Toyota Hiace where production was started in 1967. The domestic total output until 2012 is approximately 6 million, and the number is equal to an excellent car, the crown which Toyota is proud of.
The Hiace of the outstanding performance is right the existence that it may be said with the pronoun of the van to play only for work use.
Nissan NV350 caravan
It is Nissan caravan to challenge a king Hiace to a game. The first model appeared to the Hiace in 1973 for six years late.
For a Hiace proud of the absolute popularity, this caravan has been loved as the representative van which lined up to the Hiace for the existence that it might be said with the Nissan version Hiace until now for a long time.
Even if big attractive one of the vans is called anything, may wide of the compartment, Hiace and caravan, which load more baggage?
As for the greatest compartment head of the Hiace, the caravan is 3,050mm for 3,000mm, it. The compartment width is same at 1,520mm.
Because body size is equal, the area of the compartment becomes approximately equal, too.
The area of the compartment is approximately equal, but Luggage Utility Nuts is a point attached 14 to in the case of a long shot body the one which is characteristic in the compartment of the caravan.
It becomes easy to attach a shelf and a net in a compartment by using a nut established in the compartment.