Dyna of about 1977

In addition to Daihatsu delta, OEM supply is started as Hino, Ranger 2 for Hino Motors. For livability improvement and the carrier expansion of the driver's seat, it was switched from a semi-under-seat engine to an under-seat engine.
"The just low" of the tire is set. I set it in the name of "the low deck" in OEM former Daihatsu delta.
In September, 1984, the 200/300 series comes up. Commonization with the Toyo ace G25/G35 series is planned for the fifth generation.
In addition to conventional B, a 3B type, LASRE11B, 13B, 13B-T, 14B of the direct-injection expression, a 14B-T type are added, and the diesel engine becomes mainstream. The H type of the series six cylinders diesel is abolished, and an inline four-cylinder 4.0L direct-injection 1W type made in Hino is adopted for succession.
In addition, the gasoline engine is changed from R system to the Y system, too. LPG car is reset for the same period. 1 ton of product system for consumers' cooperatives is equipped with a 3Y-P type for the taxi, and 2 tons of products system is equipped with a 3RZ-P type and is set for useless thing chassis including Tokyo, LPG company.
The Dyna 100/150 series (Y50/Y60 system) of the light loading that planned high ace truck H80/H90 system and commonization for the third generation in May, 1985 is added.